It's a cafe which somehow has the feel of a church or a temple. A reservation is required, and the lunch course is 2500 Yen. Cafe Millet is an organic restaurant which doesn't serve a lot of animal protein.

Photo&Text by tamachangg

Normally I can't eat macrobiotic or organic food, but I seem to be able to eat the food without worrying here. It's located in Shizuhara, which is quite a long way north from the center of Kyoto, so you can't just casually pop down there.

But, sometimes the feeling of being far is away is quite nice.

From the owner of CAFE MILLET, Juri Sumioka:

'The meaning of the word 'millet' is 'a type of grain.'

After refurbishing her family home in Shizuhara, Juri opened the Cafe. Juri's father was a photographer, and the people who'd come and visit at the house were often a little eccentric. Whilst living in that free-spirited environment, she developed Anorexia, and was unable to eat.

As a result of this experience, she began to cook with vegetable-only ingredients. Everyone agrees the result is delicious and health conscious.

+81 075-741-3303
1116-1 Shizuichishizuhara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

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