An original culinary art restaurant in Kiyamachi, Kyoto where you can have a 9-course meal for only 3,800 Yen. This place is not only a bargain, however.

Photo&Text by tamachangg

Eiichi Edakuni, an owner and chief chef of the restaurant is in the right upper picture. His nickname is Taisho ( which means The General).

I have been wanting to go since I found it by accident and I finally got there today! It was so hard to make a reservation, but I got it at last and still had to wait till 10pm.

9 dishes for 3,800 yen, culinary art for young people. That is the concept of this restaurant. Different seasonal dishes are served each month so ‘do not come twice in the same month’ is a motto.

Originally from Uji, Kyoto, after graduating from high school Eiichi was not doing anything. However society was hard on him, and after 6 months finally he started working part time at a tavern in Fushimi. Until then he could not tell the difference between radish and turnip, and never had imagined there were several kinds of eggplant, he says.

One day he was served a raw gluten dengaku by a master of Japanese restaurant who was a regular at the tavern he worked. He says that was the very moment of "Awakening". He burst in that Japanese restaurant, received training for two years, and eventually due to disagreement with the master of the Japanese restaurant, he ran out. After that he had an opportunity to meet an entrepreneur in Kyoto, which gave him a chance to open this restaurant.

In addition to Kyoto, he has affiliated restaurants in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Paris and Hawaii that keep his daily life busy flying around the world.

Giro Giro Hitoshina
+81 075-343-7070
420-7 Namba-cho Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Agaru Sagaru Nishiiru Higashiiru
+81 03-3403-6968
B1 Takeyama Building
3-25-8 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

+81 076-231-3233
2-10-42 Katamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, Japan

+33 01-42-54-23-92
8, rue Garreau, 75018 Paris, France

Nanzan girogiro
+1 808-524-0141
560 Pensacola st, 1&2, Honolulu, HI96814

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