A story about an interesting place in Miyama, well-known for its thatch roof and location deep inside Kyoto, brought me here today. Today was “Miso-making experience” day. The Miso made by local ladies is supposed to be wonderful.

Photo&Text by tamachangg

The carpenter who built the Satoyama-House is a very interesting person, or should I say eccentric? He has recently been trying out small water power generators.

For now the power is barely enough to light a miniature bulb. But his goal is to someday supply all power by himself for his living needs without depending on power companies.

“I will keep living comfortably at this house that I built myself in Miyama generating my own power even if all over Japan is polluted by radiation.”

Mr. Ozeki, the carpenter, said. He thinks of this place as his shelter.
I thought Mr. Ozeki who speaks with a strong Kansai dialect (Western) is from Osaka or somewhere around Osaka, but in fact, he is from Setagaya, Tokyo.

He had worked as an engineer before moving to Miyama to train as a carpenter 19 years ago and he never left.

The house is available for a pair of guests to stay the night. The guests can take a bath in the traditional Goemon style with the iron bathtub.

Miyama Satoyamasha
8 Honoki, Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto, Japan
+81 0771-75-0015

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