Nota Inc. Press Release

davinci note Now Available on iPad and iPad Mini

Friday November 9th, 2012 -- Nota has just released its app davinci note on iOS for iPad and iPad mini.

davinci note perfectly serves the purpose of creating original attractive content for the web, allowing users to layout and edit photos, write text, and share with an integrated UI built just for iPad. It capitalizes on full multi-touch support and custom animations to provide the fastest and most enjoyable editing on a tablet.

Key features include dynamic image layouts, 16 unique design templates, and advanced text and image editing features. Although all notes created are originally private, davinci also has excellent sharing features available in two taps -- facebook, twitter, and email are all beautifully integrated with iOS 6 account management support.

Throughout its many features the app is built to contain only that which is necessary to create a beautiful result in less time.

See more information and screenshots at the official app website, and itunes page,

Also see for more on our design ethos.

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo Da Vinci


Ben Foden

Screen shots of the App