Our Ideas

Our original intention for Davinci note was to cut out everything that got in the way of just creating and sharing ideas as quickly as possible without sacrificing beautiful design.

Blogs provide lots of tools and features but sometimes the formatting and finishing of a post can be exhausting. Social networks are great for sharing but they are too chaotic and immediate to encourage high quality creation. Davinci note lets your creativity flow with its gracefully simple design, inspiring environment, and ease of sharing when your thoughts are ready for the world.

We like to think of davinci note as enabling a ‘slow food’ movement of meaningful content creation in the ‘fast food’ world of social networks and one-line status updates.

For our logo, we chose the air screw design Leonardo Da Vinci conceived in his famous notebooks. Though it was not a functional flying machine, there is a certain elegance to this design that we felt was understated and beautiful.

We now use Davinci note every day to add that special touch to our notes shared with the web and with our loved ones. We hope you will too!

About Us

Nota Inc. was founded by Isshu Rakusai in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to develop new web platform and apps that let users create and share their own content around the world.


United States:
10 S. 3rd St. Floor 3 San Jose, CA 95113

128 Fukudaimyojin-cho, 602-8233 Kyoto, Japan

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Press Release

davinci note Now Available on iPad and iPad Mini (November 9th, 2012)